The application of latest oceanography technology solutions for ocean observation. We provide sensors such as SEAEXPLORER underwater glider and JRC HF ocean radars. ALSEAMAR-SEAEXPLORER gliders since its conception has evolve to be the largest number and greatest variety of payloads of any glider AUV. JRC HF oceanography radar network gather data from remote sites so that you can produce and display the most up-to-date current maps. We provide ocean science solution for the study of the ocean environmental science concern with all oceanic processes as they relates to the atmosphere.

Ocean Science Solutions Products

Seaexplorer X2

The SEAEXPLORER underwater glider is a powerful autonomous sensing platform designed for persistent ocean monitoring and exploration. it provides near real-time water column data profiles at a large ocean scale.

Driven by bouyancy changes, the vehicle silently glides up and down the water column while collecting physical, chemical, biological and/or acoustic data, depending on the sensor configuration.

A user-friendly software suite allows constant supervision and mission control from any place in the world. the SEAEXPLORER regulary surface to send ashore its GPS position, collected data and receive new mission commands via Iridium telemetry.

The SEAEXPLORER glider is a very cost-effective solution for data collection: it requires no supervising boat at surface during its mission, reducing reliance on large vessels with high daily costs. The SEAEXPLORER is easy to operate and has been designed for both shallow and deepwater operations.


These drifters are used mostly offshore in order to monitor the current at sea surface for oceanographic studies and also the oil spill trajectories. The drifters can be fitted with holey-sock drogue and are, by this way, linked to a particular mass of water. The drag ratio between surface buoy and the drogue validates the good function of current follower. If no drogue is mounted, the drifter is affected by the surface current.

The SC 40 buoy is a sphere of 400 mm diameter, molded in plastic at high pressure. The SC40 is with low radar echo in order to reduce the risk to be picked up by fishermen and is fitted with lashing rings.