As a System Integrator company, SINAR BARU MARITIM, is dedicated in developing state of the art system solutions for ocean observation in Indonesia. Expanding in an environmentally friendly way is a complicated and challenging issues. Indonesia with more than 70% ocean must observe this massive sea areas so that the building of a nation does not neglect the natural sea habitat and impact the country negatively.

Ocean Science Solutions

The application of latest oceanography technology solutions for ocean observation. We provide sensors such as SEAEXPLORER underwater glider. ALSEAMAR-SEAEXPLORER gliders since its conception has evolve to be the largest number and greatest variety of payloads of any glider AUV. We provide ocean science solution for the study of the ocean environmental science concern with all oceanic processes as they relates to the atmosphere.

Hydrology & Flood Forecasting Solutions

Our weather observation systems solutions are combinations of latest technology weather radars and sensors. Baron Weather Systems, has, sold, installed, and upgraded more dual polarization systems since 2004 world wide. Codar HF radar system has been the back bone of the US east and west coast marine weather observation. Our other technology in weather solution is from Sutron Corporation. We can provide airport or marine weather monitoring systems.

Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Geospatial information services to better manage our land resources. SIRS (Spatially Referenced Information Systems) supports international and local players in the management of land resources. For more than 30 years, the company has been producing geographical data based on satellite and airborne platforms (aircraft and drones) but also in situ measurements. An experience recognized throughout the world.