sibamaritimWE ARE a System Integrator company, fully capable to design, select , and integrate equipment/ sensors to form more capable system solution to take on additional tasks, exhibit improved performance and/or enhance existing system.

WE ARE capable of proposing system solution, delivery, installation, and commissioning ocean observation system and integrate marine meteorology and climatology observation sensors

WE ARE driven by the desire to provide valuable service and solution to our customers; to become their strategic partner in achieving their objectives in marine observations.

WE ADAPT, we are committed to build a long term and mutually beneficial working relationships. We understand our customers have to adapt to technology changes and shifted priorities, we are here to provide solutions on both issues.

WE TRAIN, because we are dedicated in providing professional engineering services and high quality products. We employ result minded and highly motivated individuals. In SIBAMARITIM training is an integral part of our human resource management. Our technicians are current in their respective fields both in skills and product know-how. We continue our relentless aim to improve the quality of our service through better management of our human resources.

WE CARE, because we want long term strategic relationships.